Why has my payment failed?

We're sorry there's been a problem with your payment process - let's get it sorted for you.

There are a few main possibilities when determining why the payment was not processed correctly. Try these...

1. Check your 3-digit security code

On average 2.25% of transactions are declined due to an incorrect security code being provided. We kindly ask you to recheck the information.

2. Check your daily payment limit

The amount you are trying to pay might exceed the amount you are allowed to pay within a day. Check any daily limits you may have with your bank.

3. Check your credit limit

The amount you are trying to pay might exceed your credit limit. If that is the case, we would encourage you to contact your bank and discuss your limit options.

4. 3D Secure might be causing the issue

3D secure is controlled by your bank and provides you with a higher level of payment security through additional levels of authentication. You most likely have encountered this elsewhere, especially if you're in Europe. As it's just become a requirement for EU businesses (like us!), if you're in the USA or other parts of the world you may find that it causes temporary hiccups. This is, we're afraid, out of our control, but isn't exclusive to us so hopefully issues will be resolved soon.
Some tips to solve the issue...
  1. Feedback from our traveler suggest that using Google Chrome can help.
  2. You could contact your bank and mention "3D secure" - they can assist and authorize the transaction.

For sensible financial security reasons we can't deactivate this security feature or authorize the transaction for you. The safest way is for you to contact your bank.

5. If you're still struggling perhaps try a different payment method...

  1. Use a different card. This may avoid some of the potential problems listed above.
  2. Pay via bank transfer. This payment option can be selected via the payment link you will have received when confirming your trip. You are also able to ask your local expert to resend you the payment link.

If you're still struggling with your payment please contact the Customer Support team via team@travellocal.com and we will do our best to identify and resolve the issue!

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